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Research and Innovation Center of

Quantum Communication Networks of Iran

Communication security and encryption challenges

Communication security has always been very important for human societies. The history of security threats in telecommunication systems and the emergence of quantum computers as a kind of challenge or threat to some existing cryptographic algorithms revealed the need for safer methods to encode information.

Innovation Center; idea to product

Quantum encryption is a safe encryption method based on the principles of quantum mechanics (and not mathematical relationships) that can guarantee the security of communication definitively. Creating a secure quantum cryptographic infrastructure seems essential for any country. On this basis and for the above reasons, in order to meet the country's need for research and development in the field of quantum encryption systems and secure communication networks, the "Innovation Center for Quantum Communication Networks of Iran" was established in the winter of 1402 and with the support of the vice president of science, technology and knowledge-based economy. The presidency was opened at the Iran University of Science and Technology with the aim of generating ideas and supporting innovative and research projects by providing scientific advice until the production of the prototype product (MVP).