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.Advanced Research Infrast

Free space and fiber optic laboratories

Outstanding Scientific Core

Research team cons. of faculty members

Research-based Solutions

Providing solutions at the edge of science

Our Mission

Our main missions are organized around the two axes of providing creative solutions at the edge of technology and science to parent and upstream industries, as well as the growth and acceleration of technology teams.

Technological Solutions for Industries and Organizations

Dedicated & Co-working Spaces

Everything You Need to Turn an Idea into a Product

Effective Communications

Creating effective relationships in order to obtain advice from domestic and international professors and facilitate commercialization and attracting needed resources

Work Space and Technical Infrastructure

Providing workspace for the researchers to access technical and engineering equipment for the development and production of the prototype of the product

Idea Refinement & Development

Benefiting from the advice of experts in the field of cryptography, communications, and quantum optics to grow and mature the initial plan of researchers